The Tragedy of the Longest Life!

  • Peter Hulsroj
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Becoming immortal does not mean that all loved ones will choose immortality as well. A loved one might choose death after 10,000 years and leave the partner to everlasting sorrow. As a consequence, it could be thought that those of true immortality would band together to protect against loss of emotional investment. Over eternity even very small emotional investments could be hoped to bring immense compound interest. The reality would probably be the inverse, however. In the world of the immortal every new stimulant, every new friend, every new loved one will be particularly prized, because, at least, there would be novelty in an ocean of the well-known and already experienced. The immortals might seek to become poles of attraction for the transient, might try to become queen bees for generations of worker bees, but might have difficulties because the bargaining power of the mortal will be so much stronger. The revolting thing might be that immortals might welcome the death of loved ones, because the feeling of loss might turn out to be the strongest feeling possible. In fact, the own death might ultimately become the last untried, the ultimate experience, and may be embraced as a Kierkegaardian leap into eternal rest, eternal perdition.


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