Natural Selection and Immortality

  • Peter Hulsroj
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If natural selection is eliminated because everybody has become immortal, our imperfections will become everlasting, unless our genetic mastery will mean that we can repair imperfections as we go along. Repair possibilities would make all perfect, but also all alike – quite a boring prospect. If imperfections cannot be cured, ugly eugenics issues will arise. Should all live on, or should a certain degree of imperfection mean that society withholds the gift of immortality? That would be the ugliest of perspectives. Would elites create a subservient underclass, with or without immortality, and if so how could the elite possibly preserve power in the face of rebellion by those condemned to servitude? When humankind has achieved the power of immortality it will have put itself in the position of god. Every human would be a god – we would move from monotheism to an extreme form of polytheism, billions of humans, billions of gods! Will each of us, strong or weak, be ready to be god? In fact, would god choose to be god, if he was not god already?


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