So, What Is So Horrible About Death?

  • Peter Hulsroj
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We tend to think that what we hate about death is not to live on. We tend not to distinguish between the fear of the death experience and the fear of non-existence. We seem undisturbed by the fact that we did not live the billions of years before our birth, and, in reality, we might not really be too concerned about not living the billions of years after our deaths. What we cannot contemplate is the death experience, an experience we are evolutionarily conditioned to resist to the utmost. How we perceive this is highly individual. Many show preference for avoiding the experience, by dying in their sleep, others find the thought of not having notice of impending death unbearable. No matter how we die, to let go of life after having lived it to the fullest may, however, for all of us be the central achievement.


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