The Mind/Body Problem Resolved?

  • Peter Hulsroj
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Intellect, consciousness and soul are not the same thing. Those who are seeking immortality by creating avatars to which they can upload their minds might not have understood the difference between transfer and duplication, and might not have understood that even if you could transfer intellect, you might not be able to transfer consciousness, let alone soul. These mind/mind problems are not the only ones facing the technical immortality buffs, however. The traditional issue of mind/body should be equally vexing. The starting point for transferring the self is an assumption that the self is physically derived. Yet, the transportalists seek to remove this physical quality to another physical setting without destroying the self. This would appear to make the self independent, to some extent, of the physical abode. Would appear to take the idealist monist perspective, according to which mind is supreme and matter if not a derivative then something of secondary importance. The transportalists would seem to try to occupy two mutually exclusive positions simultaneously. In any event, the best transportalists can achieve is duplication of a self, but that is not what they want. They want their current self to become immortal, and, sadly, their method will never achieve that.


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