Winston Decides Not to Die

  • Peter Hulsroj
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Humans do not believe in their own deaths. During the second Boer War Winston Churchill clearly did not believe he would die, although he saw many of his friends fall. Did Sir Winston in fact know that he would not die because he had chosen a path opened by innumerable superpositions which meant that he could foresee that he would die only with 90? If so, this does not mean that every person can foretell his future, but since all possibilities will always be lived in radical multiverse theory some can! And some cannot, but are just lucky that what they foretold happened to play out. In a physicalist world it is difficult to conceive of free will. Yet, perhaps the fact that every choice you make will give rise to a parallel universe living your discarded choice means that your free will is to choose course within the alternatives presented by superposition. Before every choice a state of superposition will have been achieved which, perhaps, will allow you to choose freely. No conflict with the principles of cause and effect then because every choice represents an impeccable logic and another you will live the alternative, impeccably logical choice. Many people have a feeling that some dream is truly achievable, but have a feeling that it will not be achieved. Radical multiverse theory confirms that any dream will be lived, but the question will be whether the you you will have the strength to live that dream, will have made the right upstream decisions to allow the dream to be lived. In a funny way radical multiverse theory tells us that we each live in a universe made specifically for us. It may be argued, that the reality of a you you amongst many yous must give you free will, because it is exactly how you exercise your free will that makes you exactly the you that you are! The gift of consciousness might have been bestowed upon you exactly because this is what steers you to become what you are.

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