Identity and Infinity

  • Peter Hulsroj
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If all possibilities will eventually play out in some parallel universe according to radical multiverse theory it would seem logical to assume that there will also be an immense (infinite?) number of absolutely identical universes flanking each parallel universe. This would mean that you would not only be accompanied by a large number of parallel yous but also by a possibly infinite number of absolutely identical yous with absolutely identical lives. In no way would you or what you do or experience be unique in that case. Does that mean that you would not be unique? No, identicality does not eradicate identity! The you you will still be your essential concern, and the lived reality of the you you will still be unique for the you you even if absolute identicality exists in parallel universes both of the you and the lived experiences. In fact, in the overwhelming numbers of yous, absolutely identical or not, there is perhaps a reason to find even more refuge in the you you. And to seek immortality for the you you would not be immoral, even if it by logical implication would mean that other yous would then be saddled with mortality. For the you you there is no better reason to die for another you, than there is for another you to die for the you you.

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