Immortality Through Parallel Universes

  • Peter Hulsroj
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Radical multiverse theory implies a huge number of parallel universes in which parallel yous will live all your discarded choices. It has been suggested that this immense number of yous will lend you immortality. This is wrong not only because aging would still lead to the death of all yous, but also because this logic does not acknowledge the distinction between an identical copy of you and you yourself, the you you. Your immortality interest is the interest that the you you will not die. The you you may have a compassionate interest that all the parallel yous will not suffer (but, of course, many will, since all permutations of all themes will play out with some you), but your main concern is, and must remain, that the you you and the loved ones of the you you will have the best outcomes. Only if you assume a kind of Über-ich which connects the you you with all yous will you have an appreciably higher interest in the destiny of the other yous than in the destinies of unrelated human beings. Despite all you identical twins you as you are still alone! The assumption of an immense number of parallel universes and parallel yous will, by the way, undermine evolution theory, because the assumption implies that not only the fittest will survive, but in some other universes also the weak and the middling. Radical multiverse theory means that the limits of the real will be the limits of the possible!

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