Extended Marshall–Olkin Model and Its Dual Version

  • Jayme PintoEmail author
  • Nikolai Kolev
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics book series (PROMS, volume 141)


We propose an extension of the generalized bivariate Marshall–Olkin model assuming dependence between the random variables involved. Probabilistic, aging properties, and survival copula representation of the extended model are obtained and illustrated by examples. Bayesian analysis is performed and possible applications are discussed. A dual version of extended Marshall–Olkin model is introduced and related stochastic order comparisons are presented.



The authors are grateful for the precise referee suggestions which highly improved earlier versions of the manuscript. The first author acknowledges the sponsorship of Central Bank of Brazil under the Graduate Program PPG. The second author is partially supported by FAPESP (2013/07375-0 and 2011/51305-0) and CNPq grants. We are thankful to Leandro Ferreira for the help with OpenBugs software.


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