Addressing Long-Term Digital Preservation Through Computational Intelligence

  • Jose Antonio OlveraEmail author
  • Josep Lluis de la Rosa
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The challenge in long term digital preservation (LTDP) of complex objects – consisting of text, video, images, music, 3D information, sensor data, etc. generated throughout all areas of our society – is real and growing at an exponential pace. An already old study by the International Data Corporation (IDC) found that in 2012 the information created and replicated broke the zettabyte barrier growing by a factor of 9 in just five years [2]. The LTDP of such information will become a pervasive as well as ubiquitous problem that will concern everyone who has digital information to be kept for long time, implying a shift in at least a couple of software and hardware generations.


Multi-agent system Simulation Digital preservation Computational intelligence 


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  • Josep Lluis de la Rosa
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