Simulating the Optimization of Energy Consumption in Homes

  • Fernanda P. MotaEmail author
  • Plauto W. Filho
  • Jonas Casarin
  • Robledo Castro
  • Vagner Rosa
  • Silvia S. da C. Botelho
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According to Brazilian National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), the electric energy consumption is one of the main indicators of both the economic development and the quality of life of a society. However, the electric energy consumption data of individual home use is hard to obtain due to several reasons, such as privacy issues [1]. In this sense, the social simulation based on multiagent systems comes as a promising option to deal with this difficulty through the production of synthetic electric energy consumption data.


Multiagent System Residential Sector Electric Energy Consumption Social Simulation Persuasive Technology 
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  • Fernanda P. Mota
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  • Plauto W. Filho
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  • Jonas Casarin
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  • Robledo Castro
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  • Vagner Rosa
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  • Silvia S. da C. Botelho
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  1. 1.Centro de Ciências ComputacionaisUniversidade Federal Do Rio Grande- FurgRio GrandeBrazil

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