Dynamic Packing with Side Constraints for Datacenter Resource Management

  • Sophie DemasseyEmail author
  • Fabien Hermenier
  • Vincent Kherbache
Part of the Springer Optimization and Its Applications book series (SOIA, volume 105)


Resource management in datacenters involves assigning virtual machines with changing resource demands to physical machines with changing capacities. Recurrently, the changes invalidate the assignment and the resource manager recomputes it at runtime. The assignment is also subject to changing restrictions expressing a variety of user requirements. The present chapter surveys this application of vector packing—called the VM reassignment problem—with an insight into its dynamic and heterogeneous nature. We advocate flexibility to answer these issues and present BtrPlace, a flexible and scalable heuristic solution based on Constraint Programming.


Datacenter resource management Vector packing Dynamic side constraints Constraint programming 



BtrPlace is available online under the terms of the LGPL license [7]. Instances used in the experiments are available at Experiments presented in this paper were carried out using the Grid’5000 experimental testbed (, being developed by INRIA with support from CNRS, RENATER and several universities as well as other funding bodies.


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  • Fabien Hermenier
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  • Vincent Kherbache
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  1. 1.MINES ParisTechPSL - Research University, CMASophia Antipolis CedexFrance
  2. 2.University Nice Sophia Antipolis, CNRS, I3S, UMR 7271Sophia AntipolisFrance
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