Hampton Machine Tool Company

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Chaos is a fact of life and accordingly engulfs almost all aspects of human society ranging from the social-economic to the political. It is thus not surprising to note that we cannot talk about any aspect of life in a chaos vacuum. Many business companies have ups and downs in their business operations. These ups and downs are typical of chaos and indeed render the activities of a company complex. They are influenced by economic conditions, political conditions (e.g. War), expansion of the export market and diminishing value of competitors due to bad economic conditions. Accordingly some companies end up closing while some resort to borrowing or taking on loans in order to survive and negotiate this complex jig-saw. Such loans have repayment schedules and conditions and given the intricate nature of the same, some companies fail to pay back as expected. There are several factors that affect the payment process mostly of which is a sharp decline in sales. This paper explored the plight of the Hampton machine tool company in the wake of a debit and loan crisis and also examines how the company was able to survive the onslaught of a chaotic and complex loan setting.


Case analysis Management Complexity 


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