Leadership Training of Preschool Children in a Family Environment

  • Roza BekmagambetovaEmail author
  • Anar Alimbekova
  • Lazzat Demeyova
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The paper analyses the role of the family in preschool children’s leadership training process. It traces changes of approaches to children’s education in the family. It also examines the impact of the atmosphere the children grow in on their personality and describes how parents’ behaviors determine the developing children’s leadership potential. The paper describes the best ways to develop a child’s leadership potential in a family environment. One major feature in the analysis is the acceptance by the author that leadership training is not a ley man’s undertaking especially when meant for children. It therefore involves a lot of complexities whilst in some cases; it poses a chaotic setting that requires critical interventions. It is however this chaotic and complex setting that helps in building an effective approach to negotiating a proper program to train the children in leadership skills applicable to their home or family environments.


Family Leader Leadership potential Leadership qualities Preschool children Complexity 


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  • Roza Bekmagambetova
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  • Anar Alimbekova
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  • Lazzat Demeyova
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  1. 1.Department of General, Age-related and Social Pedagogy, Institute of Pedagogy and PsychologyKazakh National Pedagogical University named after AbaiAlmatyKazakhstan
  2. 2.Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Social Pedagogy and Self-KnowledgeEurasia National University named after Gumilev L.N.AstanaKazakhstan

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