VF2 Plus: An Improved version of VF2 for Biological Graphs

  • Vincenzo CarlettiEmail author
  • Pasquale Foggia
  • Mario Vento
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9069)


Subgraph isomorphism is a common problem in several application fields where graphs are the best suited data representation, but it is known to be an NP-Complete problem. However, several algorithms exist that are fast enough on commonly encountered graphs so as to be practically usable; among them, for more than a decade VF2 has been the state of the art algorithm used to solve this problem and it is still the reference algorithm for many applications. Nevertheless, VF2 has been designed and implemented ten years ago when the structural features of the commonly used graphs were considerably different. Hence a renovation is required to make the algorithm able to compete in the challenges arisen in the last years, such as the use of graph matching on the very large graphs coming from bioinformatics applications. In this paper we propose a significant set of enhancements to the original VF2 algorithm that enable it to compete with more recently proposed graph matching techniques. Finally, we evaluate the effectiveness of these enhancement by comparing the matching performance both with the original VF2 and with several recent algorithms, using both the widely known MIVIA graph database and another public graph dataset containing real-world graphs from bioinformatics applications.


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  • Vincenzo Carletti
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    Email author
  • Pasquale Foggia
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  • Mario Vento
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  1. 1.DIEM, Department of Information Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Applied MathematicsUniversity of SalernoSalernoItaly

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