PAL as the OL Approach, Not a Myth

  • Kris M. Y. LawEmail author
  • Kong Bieng Chuah


Organizational learning has been a terminology for long time as one of the organizational development initiatives. It has been widely referred and studied; however, there are still two main schools arguing whether OL should be of the organizational studies or knowledge management. In this book, OL is elaborated as a continuous process, the DELO (Chap.  3), encompassing all four dimensions of driving, enabling, learning and outcome. The project action learning (PAL) is not a myth, and it was designed to take the individuals through systematic stages of project and action learning, while providing PAL members guidance and facilitation. The PAL implementation is an evolutionary process of creating a supportive learning environment through team-based predefined practical project undertakings. In addition, a long-term organizational learning strategy is put forward and the necessary supporting infrastructure, in the form of four “PAL Pillars”, is described. Particularly, the performance management and the supporting infrastructure OLSS are highlighted. The book is not solely a documentation of the PAL framework and relevant tactics, but also a symbolization of the successful implementation of PAL, the appropriateness of using PAL as the vehicle for OL development and the foreseeable penetration in the case company and other potential OL inspired companies.


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