Sensitivity Analysis of Analytic Models: Applications of Differential and Variational Calculus

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Most forward problems in remote sensing can be solved only using numerical methods. Correspondingly, the resulting models are by necessity numerical ones. Nevertheless, in some practical cases corresponding forward problems can be solved analytically, and resulting models become analytical. In such cases, sensitivities to discrete and continuous input parameters can be found using the conventional methods of differential and variational calculus. In this chapter we consider the sensitivity analysis of analytic models. For demonstration purposes, we first consider two simple demo models. Then a realistic model will be considered, which is actually used in practice of remote sensing of the Earth and planetary atmospheres.


Analytic models Differential calculus Variational calculus 


  1. The linear and non-linear demo models were developed by the author for the course on sensitivity analysis presented at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory a few years ago. The model of radiances of a non-scattering planetary atmosphere exists in different forms since middle of last century. Their sensitivity analysis in the form presented in this chapter was also developed for the above course.Google Scholar

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