Accurate diagnostic information leads to better clinical outcomes. Radiographic examinations will always form the backbone of a diagnostic workup confirming clinical signs and symptoms. Conventional plain film radiography and digital radiography have been proved to be invaluable tools in the modern endodontic practice. The technology of cone-beam computed tomography has evolved in recent times with previous astronomical costs no longer prohibiting the purchase of machines for the modern endodontic practice. The technology has been embraced by endodontists to aid in the diagnosis of endodontic pathosis and canal morphology, assessment of root and alveolar fracture, resorptive defect analysis, identification of non-endodontic pathology and pre-surgical assessment. The question still remains regarding possible medicolegal issues pertaining to the acquisition and interpretation of CBCT data. An alternative arrangement is to refer the patient to an imaging centre where the CBCT scan can be reported by a radiologist preventing the possibility of missing any additional pathology or life-threatening lesions.


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