Thermoelasticity Based on Fractional Telegraph Equation

  • Yuriy PovstenkoEmail author
Part of the Solid Mechanics and Its Applications book series (SMIA, volume 219)


Theory of thermal stresses based on the fractional telegraph equation with the Caputo time-derivative is considered. The fundamental solutions to the source problem are obtained in one-dimensional, axisymmetric and central symmetric cases, associated thermal stresses are studied. The space-time fractional telegraph equation is also considered in axisymmetric and central symmetric cases. The Caputo time-fractional derivative and the Riesz space-fractional operator (the fractional Laplace operator) are used. The integral transform technique is employed. Numerical results are illustrated graphically for different values of the order of time- and space-fractional derivatives.


Wave Front Heat Conduction Equation Modify Bessel Function Heaviside Step Function Generalize Thermoelasticity 
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