Dynamical Models of AC Machines

  • Alain GlumineauEmail author
  • Jesús de León Morales
Part of the Advances in Industrial Control book series (AIC)


This chapter presents a detailed review of the basic concepts describing the mechanical and electrical behavior of alternative current (AC) machines, which will be used extensively in the following chapters. AC machines, specifically the permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) and the induction motor (IM), will be studied. A particular emphasis on the modeling devoted to the control of such machines is considered. The dynamical properties and the mathematical descriptions are introduced. New applications of electric motors are appearing, for instance, electric vehicles owing to their renewable nature and their reduced environmental impact. These applications require controllers that achieve high performance. All the control algorithms presented in this book are validated on specific benchmarks checking the important features of the motor control under several operating conditions. For instance, specific reference trajectories at low speed with nominal load torque are defined and will be used to compare the performance of the controller and observer algorithms. Moreover, most of these algorithms have been tested on an experimental setup and the results are reported to illustrate their performances under parametric uncertainties and unknown disturbances such as an abrupt load torque.

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