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Mixing time, sequence of mixing and its effect on homogenization, press selection and importance of press specifications, with a sample giving some of the major parameters of the press, are given in this chapter. The significance of operational sequence, a sample to demonstrate, and to understand the possible issues in a hydraulic press are explained. Predesign plan with PFMEA with significant characteristics of design control plan and their manufacturing inputs integrated are presented. A comprehensive design control plan adaptable for the manufacturing process of any BFMC product has been provided. A legend is provided with a flow diagram for better understanding of the nomenclatures used, such as process name, operation description, machines, devices, tools in use at each stage, and tolerances with the complete methods used for a quick followup of the design. Additionally, details of in-process inspection of single and multiple layer press with a final inspection chart have been provided. Quality objectives with zero defects, production rejection modes, a travel control card for the process, incoming raw material inspection, in-process inspection , including the finished line are given in this chapter. Typical tests done on a non-asbestos disk brake pad and liner are provided at the end as useful input for the user.


Bulk Density Measurement Failure Mode Effect Analysis Auxiliary Motor Main Mixer Friction Dust 
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