Intelligent Decision Support Systems

  • Arturas KaklauskasEmail author
Part of the Intelligent Systems Reference Library book series (ISRL, volume 81)


This chapter presents the latest IDSSs, such as text analytics and mining based DSSs; ambient intelligence and the internet of things-based DSSs; biometrics-based DSSs; recommender, advisory and expert systems; data mining, data analytics, neural networks, remote sensing and their integration with decision support systems and other IDSSs. These other IDSSs include GA-based DSS; fuzzy sets DSS; rough sets-based DSS; intelligent agent-assisted DSS; process mining integration to decision support, adaptive DSS; computer vision based DSS; sensory DSS and robotic DSS. In addition to acquainting these IDSSs, author introduce practical examples where they have been effectively applied.


Data Mining Wireless Sensor Network Decision Support System Recommender System Text Mining 
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