Low-Frequency Modulation of Longitudinal Field: Modified Rabi Envelopes

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The sensitivity of Rabi oscillations to low-frequency modulation (5–100 kHz) of the static longitudinal magnetic field B 0 is studied. Three regimes are considered: strong modulation (compared to the driving field strength B 1, 1–10 G), fast modulation (compared to the non-modulated Rabi frequency Ω R ), and weak-resonant modulation. The mapping of a weakly driven two-level system with modulation onto a strongly driven system without modulation suggests that different regimes of spin dynamics, previously known for a strongly driven system (i.e., multiphoton resonances), are realized under easily accessible conditions with proper choice of modulation frequency and amplitude. The experiments are straightforward to achieve in the laboratory, but can be mapped to more unconventional NMR conditions where B 1 strength is much greater than B 0.


Transverse Magnetization Rabi Frequency Rabi Oscillation Modulation Strength Bloch Sphere 
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