Onset of Strain Localization in Unsaturated Soils Subjected to Constant Water Content Loading

  • Dunja PerićEmail author
  • Gaofeng Zhao
  • Nasser Khalili
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Analytical solutions for the inception of strain localization in unsaturated soils were implemented into the constitutive driver for a bounding surface plasticity model. Effects of the initial net mean stress and initial suction on the inception of strain localization in a porous material subjected to constant water content plane strain compression (PSC) were investigated. It was found that decreases in both, the initial suction and the initial net mean stress decreased the axial strain at onset, thus effectively increasing the susceptibility to strain localization. The corresponding deformation bands were largely contractant shear bands. Dilatant shear bands occurred only for the initial over consolidation ratios (OCR) larger than 3.25.


Shear Band Strain Localization Unsaturated Soil Plane Strain Compression Constant Water Content 
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  1. Khalili N, Habte M, Zagarbashi S (2008) A fully coupled flow deformation model for cyclic analysis of unsaturated soils including hydraulic and mechanical hystereses. Comput Geotech 35:872–889CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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