Configurations of MR Dampers

  • Janusz GołdaszEmail author
  • Bogdan Sapiński


In this chapter, the authors present a review of MR damper structures and MR valve configurations. The structures are described in terms of the arrangement of cylinders and the MR valve topologies. The range of examined valve structures involves a conventional standard single-coil and single-gap (annulus) piston as well as multiple coil assemblies. Specifically, various families of valves aimed at enhancing the damper performance are described and analysed. They are, namely, high-permeability inserts, pistons with multiple flow channels, buried coil designs, pistons with tapered surfaces in the flow path, etc. The significance of the secondary flow paths on the low velocity performance of the valves is highlighted, too. The authors conclude the chapter with fail-safe valves and velocity- as well as field-sensing valves utilising search coils as well as other structures with sensory capabilities.


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