Recent Advances in the Synthesis and Applications of Organoborane Polymers

Part of the Topics in Organometallic Chemistry book series (TOPORGAN, volume 49)


Recent advances in the synthesis of organoborane polymers are reviewed in this chapter. The last decade has witnessed new approaches for the direct polymerization of functional borane monomers as well as the use of innovative polymer modification techniques. Powerful new methods that allow for positioning of functional borane moieties at well-defined positions in the polymer chain have also been developed. The resulting organoborane polymers have been investigated as luminescent and electro-active materials, electrolytes for batteries, supported Lewis acid catalysts, sensors for anions and biologically relevant molecules, building blocks of stimuli-responsive and dynamic (supramolecular) materials, and for biomedical applications.


Boron Lewis acids Luminescence Organoborane Polyelectrolytes Polymerization Sensors 







Aluminum tris(8-hydroxyquinolate)




Atom transfer radical polymerization








Chain transfer agent


Dynamic light scattering








Ferrocenyl or ferrocenediyl




Lower critical solution temperature


Linear low-density polyethylene


Mesityl (2,4,6-trimethylphenyl)


Near infrared


Nitroxide-mediated polymerization


Organic light emitting device






Polyethylene glycol


Polyethylene oxide




Poly(lactic acid)








Polystyrene boronic acid


Organic substituent


Reversible addition–fragmentation chain transfer


Ring-opening metathesis polymerization


Styrene or styryl


Transmission electron microscopy


Glass transition temperature


Tripyl (2,4,6-tri-iso-propylphenyl)




Upper critical solution temperature





The author thanks the National Science Foundation (NSF CHE-0956655, 1112195, 1308517, and 1362460) for the generous financial support. He is also indebted to all of his students and collaborators for their contributions to the work discussed in here.


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