Regulatory Developments in Post and Telecommunications: A Tale of Two Industries

  • Henrik B. Okholm
  • Anna Möller
  • Bruno BasaliscoEmail author
Part of the Topics in Regulatory Economics and Policy book series (TREP, volume 50)


In several countries, post and telecommunication are regulated by the same agency tasked to oversee both sectors. Unsurprisingly, postal regulators may draw upon the experience of telecoms regulation when designing postal regulation. Examples of policymakers, who have attempted to change the model of postal regulation inspired by telecoms are the Dutch legislators (2013) and the Italian regulator AGCOM (2012). This enables the regulators to impose access-based competition in the postal sector, which has been a key element in telecom regulation. Moreover, the EC 2012 Green Paper on parcel delivery and e-commerce queried whether price and competition issues in intra-EU cross-border parcel delivery justify the introduction of a price cap or other ex-ante regulation in the postal sector similar to the EU roaming regulation in telecoms.


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