Quality Assurance Tool Suite for Error Detection in Digital Repositories

  • Roman Graf
  • Ross King
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 8839)


Digitization workflows for automatic acquisition of image collections are susceptible to errors and require quality assurance. This paper presents the automated quality assurance tools aiming at detection of possible quality issues that supports decision making for document image collections. The main contribution of this research is the implementation of various image processing tools for different error detection scenarios and their combination in to a single tool suite. The tool suite includes: (1) The matchbox tool for accurate near-duplicate detection in document image collections, based on SIFT feature extraction. (2) The finger detection tool aims at automatic detection of fingers that mistakenly appear in scans from digitized image collections, which uses processing techniques for edge detection, local image information extraction and its analysis for reasoning on scan quality. (3) The cropping error detection tool supports the detection of common cropping problems such as text shifted to the edge of the image, unwanted page borders, or unwanted text from a previous page on the image. Another important contribution of this work is a definition of the quality assurance workflow and its automatic execution for error detection in digital document collections. The presented tool suite detects described errors and presents them for additional manual analysis and collection cleaning. A statistical overview of evaluated data and characteristics like performance and accuracy is delivered. The results of the analysis confirm our hypothesis that an automated approach is able to detect errors with reliable quality, thus making quality control for large digitisation projects a feasible and affordable process.


digital library digital preservation quality assurance image processing 


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  • Roman Graf
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  • Ross King
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  1. 1.Research Area Future Networks and Services, Department Safety & SecurityAustrian Institute of TechnologyViennaAustria

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