Digital Preservation of Palm-Leaf Manuscripts in Thailand

  • Prasittichai Lertratanakehakarn
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This paper is to study the digital preservation of palm-leaf manuscripts and the organizations that are responsible for creating, storing and digitizing palm-leaf manuscripts in Thailand. Palm-leaf manuscripts are the cultural heritage and wisdom records of the local ancestors. It appears to be cultural heritage of South East Asia. In Thailand, this kind of cultural heritage is found in many areas of the country. Palm-leaf manuscripts should be preserved in the digital form for both knowledge and the manuscripts themselves, for long term use throughout its lifecycle, for the purpose of education, preservation and research for future generations. This paper also suggests a digital preservation plan of Palm-leaf manuscripts to be easily accessed by researchers and scholars.


Digital Preservation Palm-Leaf Manuscripts Digitization Manuscript digitization Manuscript preservation 


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  • Prasittichai Lertratanakehakarn
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  1. 1.National Library of ThailandThailand
  2. 2.Program in Information Scienzce, Department of Information Science, School of Liberal ArtsSukhothaiThammathirat Open UniversityThailand

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