EASYBAT—Innovative Removal Battery Interfaces for Electric Vehicles

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New battery packs can make the EV more capable. Their share in the price of the Fully Electric Vehicle (FEV) is set to become even more dominant. Factors driving this include the strident demand for better car range. In addition, new battery packs increasingly incorporate electronics for safety and power conversion. The integration of these new complex battery packs presents major challenges to the industry especially considering the current lack of standards. The EASYBAT project, funded through the European Seventh Framework Program (FP7), will make it easier for European automobile and battery manufacturers to build EV with switchable batteries. EASYBAT will provide interfaces for switching a battery in and out of an electric car quickly and safely; the connector interfaces between the car, the battery, the communications network, and the battery cooling system; and design specifications that meet European industry and safety standards. The EASYBAT solution will be integrated and tested on fully electric vehicles to ensure it meets production-grade manufacturing criteria and European safety standards.


EASYBAT EV BSS Battery switch station 


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