Grand Challenge Problem 6: Technology to Bridge the Gap Between Learning Contexts in Vocational Training

  • Jessica Dehler ZuffereyEmail author
  • Daniel Schneider
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Dual systems of vocational training address procedural and conceptual knowledge in different contexts, the workplace and the professional school. Apprentices do often not succeed in integrating both types of knowledge. This lack can lead to motivation problems, missing cross-context knowledge transfer, and problems to develop a professional identity. We argue that “bridge-the-gap” technology has great potential. Successful action on this challenge should lead to widespread use of well-designed learning technologies, an increasing number of interactions between actors of different learning locations through artifacts and conversations produced within bridge-the-gap environments, less perception of separation between learning contexts by apprentices and more cross-context application of knowledge.


Vocational training Bridge-the-gap technology Erfahrraum model Learning location Participatory research 

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