On Node Capturing Attacker Strategies (Transcript of Discussion)

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Hello everyone, and thank you all for coming, even though the dinner is already passed. Today I’m going to be talking about a little bit narrower a topic than the previous talks were. As my latest work focuses on automated evaluation of key management schemes for wireless sensor networks, and this is just a part of that. We have built a framework on top of an existing simulator, and one of the main metrics, or parts, that you want to characterise, to evaluate in a key management scheme is the network resiliency of such a scheme. And usually it’s always considered one kind of attacker, the random attacker strategy of capturing nodes. We thought that, well if I were the attacker I would want to go the most efficient way, and is there some way like that. First, I will give a brief introduction to several things, and then we’ll see the results of the evaluations.

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