Epilepsy and Immune System: A Tour Around the Current Literature

  • Laura Mumoli
  • Angelo Labate
  • Antonietta Coppola
  • Giovambattista De Sarro
  • Emilio RussoEmail author
  • Antonio Gambardella
Part of the Contemporary Clinical Neuroscience book series (CCNE)


It is widely acknowledged that immune system influences several aspects of the central nervous system. Literature data have shown that immune system and autoimmune response play an important role in the pathogenesis of several neurodegenerative/neurological diseases (i.e Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases, Multiple Sclerosis). However, very recent evidences of specific antibodies found in epileptic encephalitis, the good response to immune therapy in refractory epileptic syndromes and the strong relationship between systemic autoimmune disease and epilepsy suggest a plausible role for the immune system also in paroxysmal neurological disorders. In fact, an immune hypothesis represents a new way to approach epilepsy and could contribute to clarify several unanswered questions in the next future. In this review, we analysed these points mimicking a tour around current evidences from experimental animal models to clinical suggestions.


Immune system Epilepsy Autoimmune Animal models 


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