A Data Quality in Use Model for Big Data

(Position Paper)
  • Ismael Caballero
  • Manuel Serrano
  • Mario Piattini
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 8823)


Organizations are nowadays immersed in the Big Data Era. Beyond the hype of the concept of Big Data, it is true that something in the way of doing business is really changing. Although some challenges keep being the same as for regular data, with big data, the focus has changed. The reason is due to Big Data is not only data, but also a complete framework including data themselves, storage, formats, and ways of provisioning, processing and analytics. A challenge that becomes even trickier is the one concerning to the management of the quality of big data. More than ever the need for assessing the quality-in-use of big datasets gains importance since the real contribution – business value- of a dataset to a business can be only estimated in its context of use. Although there exists different data quality models to assess the quality of data there still lacks of a quality-in-use model adapted to big data. To fill this gap, and based on ISO 25012 and ISO 25024, we propose the 3Cs model, which is composed of three data quality dimensions for assessing the quality-in-use of big datasets: Contextual Consistency, Operational Consistency and Temporal Consistency.


Big Data Data Quality Quality-in-use model 3Cs Model 


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  • Ismael Caballero
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  • Manuel Serrano
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  • Mario Piattini
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  1. 1.Paseo de la Universidad 4Ciudad RealSpain

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