Mass Flow Rate of Granular Material from an L-Valve Without Aeration

  • D. A. SerranoEmail author
  • G. Ruíz Chavarría
  • S. Álvarez
  • A. Medina
Conference paper
Part of the Environmental Science and Engineering book series (ESE)


In this work we introduce a correlation to estimate the mass flow rate from an L-valve, without aeration, but under gravity flow, of a non-cohesive granular material. This criterion is based on the mass flow rate formula for vertical pipes and the comparison among, the here termed L-valve angle, and the angle of repose of the material. Experiments support this criterion.


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This work was made under the partial support of Project SIP20141404.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • D. A. Serrano
    • 1
    Email author
  • G. Ruíz Chavarría
    • 2
  • S. Álvarez
    • 1
  • A. Medina
    • 3
  1. 1.ESIME ZacatencoInstituto Politécnico NacionalMexicoMexico
  2. 2.Facultad de Ciencias UNAMMexicoMexico
  3. 3.ESIME AzcapotzalcoInstituto Politécnico NacionalSanta Catarina, MexicoMexico

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