Restrictions of Jacobi Forms of Several Variables

With Special Emphasis on Quaternionic Jacobi Forms
  • Till DieckmannEmail author
Conference paper
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In this article we consider pullbacks from Jacobi forms with respect to a lattice L to lattices L 0 given by an isometric embedding \(\iota: L_{0} \rightarrow L\). We consider the special cases L = D 4 and \(L_{0} = L_{t} = (\mathbb{Z},tx^{2})\). In this case we can show that the pullback is an embedding and we study the dependency on the choice of ι. Combining this with earlier results of Krieg, we can define a family of index-raising operators J k, 1 → J k, t for all t, which interpolate the operators \(U_{l}: J_{k,1} \rightarrow J_{k,l^{2}}\) defined by Eichler and Zagier.


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We would like to thank the organizers for the nice conference and the referee for valuable suggestions.


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