The EP from Heavily Doped (HD) Quantized Superlattices

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With the advent of nano-photonics, there has been a considerable interest in studying the optical processes in semiconductors and their nanostructures. It appears from the literature, that the investigations have been carried out on the assumption that the carrier energy spectra are invariant quantities in the presence of intense light waves , which is not fundamentally true. In this chapter, we study the EP from HD III-V, ternary and quaternary materials in the presence of light waves on the basis of newly formulated dispersion laws. The EP of different HD optoelectronic material changes with light intensity and wavelength in different manners which are totally band structured independent. This chapter contains 6 open research problems.


Heavily Doped (HD) Inverse Quantizing Magnetic Field Electron densityElectron Density Super Lattice Vector Dispersion Relation 
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