Appendix D: The EP from HD III-V, Ternary and Quaternary Semiconductors Under Strong Electric Field

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With the advent of nano-devices, the build-in electric field becomes so large that the electron energy spectrum changes fundamentally instead of being invariant and this chapter investigates the EP under intense electric field from bulk specimens of HD III-V, ternary and quaternary semiconductors. This chapter also explores the influence of electric field on the EP on the basis of HD new dispersion law in for QWs, NWs, QBs, under magnetic quantization, QWs under magnetic quantization and effective mass HD super-lattices under magnetic quantization respectively. The Sect. 3 contains 43 deep open research problems.


Intense Electric Field Unperturbed Carrier Energy Spectra Quantizing Magnetic Field Multiple Carbon Nanotubes Nipi Structures 
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