Sources, Fluxes, and Biogeochemical Cycling of Silver in the Oceans

  • Céline GallonEmail author
  • A. Russell Flegal
Part of the Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology book series (RECT, volume 235)


This brief review of silver in the oceans was catalyzed by our observation that there was a relative paucity of published data on the topic. A few authors have reported silver concentrations in the North Pacific (Martin et al. 1983; Zhang et al. 2001, 2004; Ranville and Flegal 2005; Kramer et al. 2011), South Pacific (Murozumi 1981; Zhang et al. 2004), North Atlantic (Flegal et al. 1995; Rivera-Duarte et al. 1999; Ndung’u et al. 2001), South Atlantic (Flegal et al. 1995; Ndung’u et al. 2001), and Southern Oceans (Miller and Bruland 1995; Sañudo-Wilhelmy et al. 2002), as well as in the Bering (Zhang et al. 2004) and Baltic (Ndung’u 2011) Seas. We are not aware, however, of any published data on silver concentrations in the Indian Ocean, and there are only a few reports on silver concentrations in marine sediments.


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