Mass Transfer Models for Supercritical Fluid Extraction

  • Zhen HuangEmail author
Part of the Food Engineering Series book series (FSES)


Extraction of bioactive species from various plant matrices by means of supercritical fluids has been widely investigated during the last few decades. In this chapter, recent advances of mass transfer models for representing kinetics of supercritical fluid extraction processes have been summarized. The mass transfer models reviewed here include the most successful broken and intact cell model, the shrinking core model, the microstructured mathematical model, the heat analogue diffusion model and other relatively simple models. Supercritical fluid extraction of botanical matters may be influenced by the solute solubility limitation, solute–solid interactions, solid phase mass transfer coefficient and fluid phase mass transfer coefficient, along with axial dispersion coefficient. Due to the limitations arising from complicated microstructures of plant matrices, sample pretreatments and optimization methods, further attempts are still requiring for developing theoretical mass transfer models for scaling-up and commercialization design of kinetic supercritical fluid extraction processes.


Supercritical extraction kinetics Natural matters Mass transfer models in supercritical extraction processes Pretreatment Solute-solid interaction Overall extraction curve Extraction yield 



The author acknowledges the financial support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (research grant NSFC-20676107) and the State Education Ministry of China (project sponsored by SRF for ROCS, SEM and Tianjin University of Commerce).


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