High Pressure Phase Equilibria Measurement for Mixtures Comprising Food Substances

  • José M. S. FonsecaEmail author
  • Ralf Dohrn
  • Stephanie Peper
Part of the Food Engineering Series book series (FSES)


In the processing of food materials, separation processes are frequently performed at high pressures, namely in the extraction of aromas, flavours, or oils through supercritical technology, in the fractionation of liquids, in chromatographic separations, etc. The design and optimization of such processes rely on the phase equilibria of the systems in question. A wide variety of methods and techniques is available for high-pressure phase equilibria determinations. A detailed knowledge and understanding of the different methods is essential for the appropriate choice of the most suitable method for a certain determination. In the present chapter, the various methods and techniques available for the study of phase equilibria at high pressures are presented, together with considerations on the main characteristics, advantages, challenges and common error sources for each of the methods. Examples of studies related to food processing are provided, and the trends concerning the most commonly used methods for application to the food industry are analysed.


Phase equilibria High pressure measurements Analytical methods Synthetic methods 


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