Significs (1953); Significs and Philosophy (1922)

  • Gerrit Mannoury


The Dutch mathematician and philosopher Gerrit Mannoury (1867–1956) was the central figure and main authority in the various signific/semiotic groups in The Netherlands. His publications, reaching from mathematics to politics and philosophy, were even recognized in the major Dutch general encyclopedia, in particular the 1953 edition of the “Winkler Prins”. His definitions were general information and he even wrote “signific informal talks”, focusing on a broad and interested public. An English translation of a few essential definitions in this chapter give an idea of how Mannoury contributed to the debate and the education in significs of the general public. Others can be consulted in Susan Petrilli’s monumental work on Lady Welby: Signifying and Understanding, 2009, Chapter 7.

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