The Effects of Close-in Exoplanets on Their Host Stars

  • Eike W. GuentherEmail author
  • Stephan Geier
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 411)


In analogy to the RS CVn stars, it is expected that close-in planets can induce stellar activity due to tidal and magnetic interaction between the star and the planet. The tidal and/or magnetic interaction between the star and the planet is expected to affect the magnetic field of the star which then cause structural changes of the stellar wind, the corona , the chromosphere , and also spots on the stellar surface. Observations of these effects are difficult and have led to mixed results that can at least partly be explained by the transient nature of the phenomena. The detection of induced activity has been claimed for a number of stars hosting close-in planets . However the most extreme object, WASP-18 , does not show any such signs. The active regions, which have been claimed as being caused by induced activity are not located at the sub-planetary point but often \(70^{\circ }- 80^{\circ }\) ahead of it. Some studies have claimed that stars with close-in, massive exoplanets are statistically more active, but others conclude that this correlation is just the product of a selection bias. Studies with the Kepler-satellite show that superflares exist, but they do not seem to be caused by the interaction between stars and planets. While it is still discussed whether induced activity has been detected for planet-hosting main-sequence stars, the engulfment of planets when the star evolves to a giant might have dramatic consequences.


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The authors acknowledge the support by the International Space Science Institute (ISSI) in Bern, Switzerland and the ISSI team Characterizing stellar- and exoplanetary environments.


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