Middleware Implementation Details: A Case Study

  • José Cecílio
  • Pedro Furtado
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In this chapter we describe how the middleware with remote configuration capabilities can be implemented, based on a prototype. This implementation example takes into account the mechanisms proposed in other chapters of this book, mainly Chap.  5. The node component that provides uniform stream-based configuration, processing and communication for nodes with different characteristics in the heterogeneous sensor is designed. The architecture of node component builds an intermediate computing layer, which serves as an abstraction hiding different hardware and operating system implementations. In order to configure the node component, a remote configuration component was also added to the architecture. It allows applications and users to configure any node remotely, by submitting simple API commands. That component sends configuration commands to nodes with combination of measures, conditions and actuations, which are used to enable easy remote configuration of system parts during the system lifetime. Since the architecture for node component intends to be flexible and easily extended, this chapter also describes how to load custom code (agents) for handling more specific operations (e.g. a specific algorithm to raise an alarm).


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