The Senior as the Protagonist of the Future Economy: A Firm Case Study

  • Roberta Pace
  • Dario Schirone
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The aging of the population leads to a readjustment of society and economy and this certainly implies some costs. But the consequences on the Societies are not represented only by problems because today - more than ever before – elderly population express different needs.

The good state of health allows them to play sports, to travel and to maintain an active social life. This leads to the appearance of a new target for those who work in marketing and business. Even large firms - such as the multinational IKEA that we’ll discuss in this paper - began to look with interest to the target of customers over 65 years of age, questioning their business strategy in order to capture this slice of the market, whose numerical increase seems not going to stop.


Ageing Marketing Target Population IKEA 


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