Layer-Based Multi-Sensor Fusion Architecture for Cooperative and Automated Driving Application Development

  • Maurice KwakkernaatEmail author
  • Tjerk Bijlsma
  • Frank Ophelders
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Mobility book series (LNMOB)


Development of current ADAS is focused on single functionality and independent operation. Development of next generation cooperative and automated ADAS applications requires large amounts of information to be combined and interpreted. To operate efficiently and effectively, these applications should not operate in isolation, but share resources, information and functionalities. Furthermore, development, prototyping, real-life testing and evaluation of the applications in multiple-vehicle scenarios becomes more complex. In this paper iVSP, a scalable, multi-sensor fusion and processing architecture, is proposed for efficient development, prototyping, testing and evaluation of cooperative and automated driving applications in small to medium scale pilots.


Advanced driver assistance systems multi-sensor fusion layer based architecture vehicle automation cooperative driving sensing and perception prototyping 


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  • Maurice Kwakkernaat
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    Email author
  • Tjerk Bijlsma
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  • Frank Ophelders
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  1. 1.TNOHelmondThe Netherlands

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