Visualisation Functions in Advanced Camera-Based Surround View Systems

  • Markus FriebeEmail author
  • Johannes Petzold
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Mobility book series (LNMOB)


This paper presents an overview of visualisation functions in camera based surround view systems. Video capturing and data transmission from the cameras into image processing unit will be discussed. The article shows how to correct camera pose and lens distortions with special focus on wide angle lenses. The driver will expect well stitched images and a constant and correct brightness in the visualised surrounding area. Image post processing techniques in order to overcome these artefacts are presented and subjectively compared to different state of the art visualisation functions. The paper also presents a video watchdog for important functional safety requirements. Finally an outlook to future visualisation functions is given.


360° view surround view advanced driver assistance system free view point selection brightness correction image stitching projection model 


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