Predictive Optimization of the Operating Strategy in Future Volkswagen Vehicles

  • Jan BellinEmail author
  • Norbert Weiss
  • Matthias Breuel
  • Michael Kurrat
  • Christoph Stamprath
Conference paper
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This publication introduces a method for optimization of plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) operating strategies. Due to its structure, the algorithm presented can be applied to various powertrain dimensions and concepts. Besides reducing CO2 emission it also increases the overall distance travelled using the electric drive, thereby increasing the driver’s electric driving experience. This is illustrated using simulation as well as real world measurement data.

A special feature of the system currently being developed is its driver interface. During optimization by the operating strategy it can assist the driver in adapting his driving behavior, thus increasing potential for reduced CO2 emission and cost of operation.


PHEV hybrid vehicles predictive operating strategy energy management hybrid HMI low emission low resource 


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  • Jan Bellin
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    Email author
  • Norbert Weiss
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  • Matthias Breuel
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  • Michael Kurrat
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  • Christoph Stamprath
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