Nowadays, people are increasingly using their mobile devices to find different kinds of information, for example, about products, trips or latest news. Therefore, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become a constant companion for many users to have access to information at any time and any place. The large amount of data and information that is provided to the user by mobile devices differs in its feature set and visual representation. To ensure the success of an app and to keep the user from an information overload by presenting too much information, a wise preparation and visualization of the data is necessary. Faceted search provides an opportunity to focus on specific information by filtering. In this paper we present a general visualization concept for faceted search on mobile devices, especially on smartphones.


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  • Bianca Zimmer
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  • Romina Kühn
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  • Thomas Schlegel
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  1. 1.Junior Professorship in Software Engineering of Ubiquitous SystemsTU DresdenGermany

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