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Review of Harmer’s pioneer palaeometeorological research based on the reconstruction of past circulation patterns including reference to climatic changes during the Tertiary and Quaternary periods; formation of the East Anglian Crag deposits; differences in meteorological conditions during the Pliocene epoch compared with today; blocking anticyclones; travelling depressions; changes in storm tracks; variations in the prevailing winds over East Anglia and southern North Sea; comparison of charts by Harmer and Lamb for winter and summer seasons during the Ice Age; possible changes in the distribution of land and sea; comparison of past and present temperature gradients; increased storminess and rainfall during the Pleistocene in the Mediterranean region.


Palaeometeorology Tertiary and Quaternary periods Past circulation patterns Synoptic analysis Formation of the East Anglian Crag Molluscan fauna Anticyclones Depressions North Atlantic Drift 


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