Interfacing CBIR: Designing Interactive Widgets to Query Attribute Data in Face Image Retrieval

  • Ted Davis
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This paper establishes a unique method in visual search for the querying of face image attribute data, through a modular interface composed of interactive widgets. These widgets enable the user to define a model result through abstracted visual representations of each portrait attribute. The combined inputs construct compound queries for comparing quantitative values. Such a technique can help bridge the semantic gap within image retrieval by avoiding the continued and prevalent reliance on keywords and text-based inputs for the description and querying of pictorial content. Rather than a graphical user interface being an afterthought to a novel image processing technique, this research utilizes existing image datasets as a future given and addresses how content-based image retrieval (CBIR) can advance when reconsidering the role and importance of design.


content-based image retrieval CBIR image search visual search query portrait face attribute interaction interface design semantic gap graphical user interface GUI widget relevance feedback 


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